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330-657-5979See our products section for information. To use the Web Tools feature of an ASD product you must Register. Please use your Second Life® Legacy Name as your site Username when signing up. Register now.

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Recent News

Unscheduled Server Maintenance [RESOLVED]
May-01-2018:  5-02-2018 2:12PM SLT: The issues have been resolved. You may need to reset your device if it is not functioning properly.

5-01-2018 2:44PM SLT: All functionality has been restored, but we are still investigating and services may still run intermittently until it the issue has been...  9164499071

FIXED: Affiliate Package Demo Bug
Apr-02-2018:  Attention Affiliates, one of the new demos named "Tip All Tip Jar Money Chest (Demo)" must be replaced with a new version to correct a serious bug. All users were sent the new version of this demo. IM Alicia Stella in-world if you did not receive it.

Be sure to only use the new one...  (312) 649-9442

ASD Easter Items Now Available
Mar-19-2018:  We've got everything you need to decorate your place for Easter in Second Life. Plus, there's candy, carrot cakes, cupcakes, party hats, and bunny ears to give out to your guests. You can purchase these items at the ASD Main Store entrance or get them on the SL Marketplace from the links...  Read More

Mar-14-2018:  A bug that was allowing multiple entries to any Raffles set to allow 1 Entry per Hour has been corrected. Due to a server error caused during the Daylight Savings Time change over the weekend it was incorrectly storing user's entry times, off by one hour. The bug has been fixed, and it will not...  Read More

Mar-13-2018:  The Alicia Stella Design Affiliates Program has been updated and all vendors need to be replaced with the new versions. (Old vendors no longer work due to HippoTech vendors no longer being supported.) Some major updates have been made to the system including more products added and overall less...  Read More




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What is ASD Web Tools?

This site is for managing web-based ferroinclave in Second Life created by Alicia Stella Design, a company that sells scripted products for use within the virtual world of Second Life.
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